007 star Daniel Craig says Skyfall James Bond premiere is the best yet. James Bond’s return to the big screen last night was given the royal seal of approval. It was all about 007 and those that graced the VIP red carpet entrance at the Royal Albert Hall where 007 agent Daniel Craig hailed the movie as his best yet and all the more important being that its Bonds 50th anniversary.

Set aside the series’ pulpy orthodoxies — the cars, the guns, the dames (everything we expect from a Bond film) this movie has everything we’re looking for in a modern day film – its all about the superheroes.

So, with that in mind, the Pretty Clever creative massive has been doing a bit of a brain storming in the office and we’ve come up with a few 007 Skyfall James Bond themed ideas that you can weave into your events.

If it’s a themed gala dinner or awards event then the ‘All that Glitters’ 50 year gold theme will suit your soiree perfectly. Think large gold bullets, martini vases big enough to seat a foxy lady, the gold pistol and impressive table centres. But then gold might not be what you’re; if that’s the case then our classic 007 casino night never fails. In corporated into the evening a ‘Skyfall 007’ themed murder mystery is great fun and brilliant entertainment (yep – that’s right – think Istanbul, think chasing a stolen computer disk, think stolen identities, roof tops, market places and a thundering train and you’ll be on the right tracks.)

If you want a spot of team building then we also have a brand spanking new JAMES BOND inspired treasure hunt that we’ve devised laden with spies, superheroes and  a whole host of code cracking – don’t worry though, we wont get you leaping across roof tops for this one!