So here at Pretty Clever we’re used to dealing with some diverse enquiries but this one really takes the biscuit…

Company: Gingerbread Men R Us
Subject: christmas party 007 style
Message body:

Unusual enquiry for an eventI am wondering if you could help me. I am looking to organise a christmas party for my company. I say company but it is in fact just me. I make gingerbread men and as mentioned am interested in a james bond 007 style party for myself and the gingerbread men i make. I would like to have 007 and foxy themed gingerbread men all dressed up with plenty of martinis on the rocks to help us through our evening, after our meal it would be fantastic if we (me and the gingerbread men that is) could crack codes and chase baddies over roof tops thru market places and over a thundering train to find our stolen computed disc which has my secret gingerbread recipe on that only i and my gingerbread men know before it falls into the clutches of my competitors!!!

i really hope you can arrange this for us and to just give you an idea of our budget i can bake all at pretty clever up to 20 gingerbread men each for your troubles. I look forward to hearing from you. Right back to the kitchen for me and thanks very much



So what can you do with this!!? Our answer…

Dear Hansel
Many thanks for your enquiry. We have been giving the matter some thought and have some ideas for you

With the best will in the world we don’t believe that the activities you have suggested are well-suited to gingerbread men. They are prone to losing their heads and going a bit soggy – I’m also unconvinced they have the mental wherewithal to crack codes

Perhaps something more ‘biscuit tin’ related would suit your brave and fearless group? You could round them all up and pop them in a nice tin. Perhaps give them some nice hats and some music, and then bring them to the Pretty Clever offices for further ‘celebrations’. Or – on the understanding that gingerbread men can run very fast, and nobody can ever catch them, despite running as fast as they can – we could arrange for a kind of Christmas ‘dash’ – again, round to our offices, where we would be happy to meet them with tea and, ahem, medals

In any rate, we wish you and your chaps a very merry Christmas and hope that the season brings you everything you wish for

Yours truly,


This enquiry genuinely landed in the inbox yesterday…. will wait for the response with bated breath. And a nice cup of tea…