I'm not a celebrity team building optionNow that all the celebrities have left the jungle we’re feeling a bit lost here at Pretty Clever. No more eating bums and toes or rotten eggs, no more creepy crawlies, no more potential threats in the form of drowning, plunging to certain death or scorpion stings… how will we fill our nights?

Actually, we do this thing all year round. Obviously not in the jungle, sadly. But our homage to ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me out of Here’ is a team event that offers plenty of grisly and gooey opportunities.

‘I’m NOT a Celebrity’ can be a team building activity, or even an evening entertainment option as part of a dinner. And no, we don’t make you eat camel toe. But you get to handle tarantulas (yes, real ones!) as well as other animals such as snakes, stick insects etc, and eat revolting things with a blindfold on in our own ‘bush tucker’ trials. All this interspersed with a bit of  jungle-based quiz to raise the competitive spirit!

If you fancy having your own ‘jungle’ experience, give us a shout. And let’s see how far you’re prepared to take this!