Summer party organisersOK, so maybe I’m just getting a bit excited because we’ve had some actual sun over the last day or two. That big bright thing in the sky that’s been missing for about a year? Is the sun, for those of you who have forgotten. I’d completely forgotten that the sky was blue underneath all that grey and the weather has put a spring in the old step and made me think about summer parties.

It might seem a bit early to think about this but it’s not. Corporate summer events can take a fair bit of time to get organised, particularly if there is a lot to go in it. Our festival options for example can include a huge amount of components, from the marquee build, booking bands and entertainers, organising stuff like fairground rides or food stalls etc. And of course the kind of performers you might want at your own festival are also the guys who are going to be in hot demand during the summer months for public events and festivals too, so get in there early!

If you’re the kind of company who likes to have something a bit less wild and crazy, venues too will be starting to book up their space. Fabulous spots in the country with outside space can be snapped up really early by the wedding brigade so it’s never too early to begin looking for that ideal spot – why not use our FREE venue finding service!? Otherwise that ideal space where you could be having your company summer bbq and late night dancing under the stars will be filled up by happy couples knee deep in nuptials, drunk uncles and overexcited children.

It doesn’t have to be a big party. We offer some great hospitality packages – whether it’s a day at the races or a riverside seat at Henley. Give us a shout if you’re interested in something like this, we are in the process of developing this side of the business and have some great options.

And of course there is themed events. Fancy a dark and crazy Alice in Wonderland? Or Midsummer Night’s Dream? Perhaps something a bit sillier like a Wild West theme complete with bucking bronco. Theming is something we’re a bit famous for – why not have a look at some of our options. We can create anything, and work with any budget.

Anyway. Whatever you’re doing today I hope you’re getting a bit of sun, and for those of you still shrouded in clouds and rain, I heard yesterday that if you close your eyes and imagine you’re on a hot sunny beach you can actually make yourself feel warmer. Let me know if it works…