Awards organisers Oscars themeWoke up this morning and over that first lifesaving cup of tea had a little noodle through facebook, as you do. And my feed is littered with comments about the glorious camp-fest that is the Oscars, running through the night. Or this morning, more accurately – Los Angeles being eight hours behind London time. I’m not one of those who stayed up to watch it but I do love the buzz of the whole thing. It’s just so unashamedly glam and littered with starry stars – and of course the frocks! Ah, the red carpet. I’ll be having a look later to see who was blinging and who was minging!

If like me you love the Hollywood pizzazz of Oscars night, did you know we offer a full Oscars theme? We’ve had people bring us in to do private parties, with full rat pack, movie star style decor and entertainment and lots of lookalikes like Marilyn, Bond and even Cap’n Jack Sparrow. But we also offer a real showtime of an awards night too. Giant golden Oscars, roving searchlights, paparazzi on the red carpet, the lot.

We’ve been approached by an increased number of businesses this year (up from the last few years) wanting to hold an awards night. Perhaps it’s something to do with the stabilisation of the economy, a way to celebrate the slight improvement we’re seeing. OK, so we’re not going to see a boom just yet but things don’t seem to be getting any worse, and bosses are keen to reward faithful and hardworking staff who have weathered the rough times.

Mind you, there have been businesses which have bucked the trend and seen really healthy growth over the past couple of years – we’ve put together launches and events for them so we’re here to tell you that’s for real! It can be done! And for them it’s a way to celebrate triumph over adversity.

Really though, a Hollywood Oscars night can be adapted for any reason and we’ve seen a few summer parties with this theme being booked too – it’s such a great excuse to get dressed up and act like a diva.

Whatever the reason, if you’re into gold, into glam and into that desire to celebrate Hollywood style, get in touch. And start writing that acceptance speech…