Great Gatsby theme party plannersIt’s on its way… The Great Gatsby is soon to hit our screens here in the UK, having launched in the US last week to some fairly diverse reviews. We don’t really care too much about the critics; we’re just loving the theme. Whether you’re a Leonardo or a Robert Redford fan, Gatsby stands as one of the most glamorous characters in modern literature and we’re going all out for extravagance and elegance with our Gatsby theme

Termed by some as the greatest American novel ever written, The Great Gatsby epitomises the era like no other story. For us here at Pretty Clever Towers, not being great literary minds, we’re mostly concerned with the look and feel of the thing, the way the novel – and the films – capture that extravagance, that glitz. And we know from our clients that it’s a popular theme for them too. The 20s is always a fashionable choice, but this year it’s less about prohibition and more about the glamour.

So what can we bring to you for a Gatsby themed event? Well, why don’t we start with glamorous marquees, or parties on boats? Beautiful country houses? Getting the setting right is imperative. Rightly or wrongly from a societal point of view, Gatsby is all about lavish, it’s all about decadence – so we bring this to you in spade loads. Fabulous décor, amazing food, dazzling jazz and swing bands. Fabulous dancers, beautiful old cars… and a chance to dress up and feel elegant, decadent and just a bit dissolute and immoral

If you’d like to know more, contact us. Lavish can look lavish without costing lavish – you’d be surprised. But for a summer or even Christmas party, this theme is hard to beat…