Ziperdee doo da, Ziperdee day, my oh my have we got something to say…. SUMMER’S ON ITS WAY and it’s time to have a part-ay!

I know I know, we’re all pretty sick of this shocking weather but it is lifting, I can feel it in my bones. It’s been so grey that many of you think a dark horror theme is probably more suited but I’m here to say NO – snap out of it and get a groove on, we all need to rediscover our mojo and get that summer feeling running through our bodies once again! I know, why not through a party! There’s still plenty of time to plan a summer party and you’ve got the next 5 months, in theory, to call it one! Maybe you want to inject a bit of ‘je ne c’est quoi’ into your team, you know, energise them a bit, encourage them to let their hair down and make them feel special. Corporate events don’t have to be stuffy affairs; they can be fun, themed and really get people going!

Last year was all about the Olympics, school sports days; It’s a Knockouts and family Fun Days. Now we’re not saying those events are old hat but 2013 is witnessing changes on the events side of things and after all, we certainly know how important it is to keep things fresh! Companies are once more starting to realise the importance of holding a corporate event and there seems to be a little more cash floating around which, in turn, means we can sort you lot out with a whole host of innovative ideas.

Great Gatsby 1920s themed event

Great Gatsby 1920s themed event

So what’s HOT when it comes to ‘summer themes’? We think more clients are wanting to keep things a bit more classy this year – simple and classic whilst remaining fresh and new. Forget generic celebrations. This year we think parties will be more personal, less predictable, and focused on a particular colour. According to Pantone, the world’s authority on hues, the colour of 2013 is emerald green which ought to jouge things up for the Partyphiles. For those wanting a specific theme and something a little more creative and fun then Star trek, Carnival, Fire and Ice, Summer of Love, Seaside and The Great Gatsby might tickle your fancy. Cannes Festival launched with the Great Gatsby only today – oh the glamour! What happens next – well, sprinkle with some unique entertainment, a band that gets your guests up out of the chairs, some LED furniture and clever lighting will all add to a better-curated and beautifully themed event.

If you’re trying to steer clear of the summer party format then mix it up a bit and turn it into a team building event. Have a treasure hunt and end up in a quirky venue or at your very own festival or take your teams out and have ‘fun on the water’ followed by an Al fresco BBQ…..the options are limitless.

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