Manchester is England’s second most populous city. This unplanned urbanisation was brought on by a boom in textile manufacture during the Industrial Revolution, which resulted in it becoming the world’s first industrialised city. Did you know it was the site of the first railway station and where scientists split the atom? Interesting factoids to enhance your day!

It’s no wonder our clients love Manchester – urban coolness, exciting attractions and industrial and vintage venues are in abundance. It’s over a four-hour trek by car from where I’m sat in head office in breezy Brighton, but I love getting stuck in with our Northern team to develop glam team building and events! It’s not all about being trendy though; Manchester is renowned for its large conference centres and has some of the most reliable transport connections in the UK – a definite tick box when it comes to bigger companies! Just to make it really easy for you we’ll include your most efficient transport route in your free event proposal – after all its all about ticking those CSR boxes and our carbon footprint!

It’s important to relax after a day of business and in Manchester you won’t be stuck for things to do. Fun-for-all is the infamous Wheel of Manchester – similar to the Brighton Wheel for spectacular views. There’s an Indian mile sporting some of the finest and most authentic Indian cuisine in the country and the Gay quarter – even Brighton can’t top that!