Better late than never! Airing later this year due to the summer’s World Cup fever, The Apprentice is back with attack on 14th October, BBC 1. The extra candidates (twenty rather than the usual sixteen) not only means more people to laugh at, but will also add a heightened sense of danger in each boardroom finale. Now it’s not only who Alan is going to fire, it’s how many.

One of the candidates regrets not becoming a scientist, so she could clone herself and be more successful in half the time. Another gives himself nine out of 10 for attractiveness, but states, “I’m not better at business because I’m good looking. I’m better at business because I’m better at business.” Not the best first impressions…

We at Pretty Clever can give you the same atmosphere of the boardroom with our fantastic Apprentice themed game show! ‘Hired or Fired’ can accommodate groups of 16 to 100 and requires a venue (not included in the price). Actors playing Alan Sugar and two advisors will monitor your every move and make sure you are playing fair! Teams will complete tasks such as bartering, trading and even street performance, raising money for their chosen charity along the way. This game is excellent for CSR-based activities.

For something tamer than the real thing but no less exciting, give us a call today and we’ll book you into your very own boardroom!