Week Three of The Apprentice saw some interesting developments. Firstly Lord Sugar decided to spare the boys further embarrassment and mix up the teams. He then revealed that the challenge this week was to produce a designer home fragrance, a ‘simple task that anyone could do’. Fitness entrepreneur Katie Bulmer-Cooke volunteered to lead Tenacity, while accountant Roisin Hogan took charge of Summit. With the bar set high, the teams went away to make scented candles and reed diffusers, which looked upmarket but now had to sell…

Katie’s retail sub-team struggled throughout the day to generate sales, with scatty Sarah Dales doing nothing more than parading around in a garish red dress trying to hook people off the street. This is the woman who believes her selling techniques will see her through to the final.

Roisin, on the other hand, appointed loud-mouthed James Hill to lead her retail sub-team at Greenwich Market. They managed to sell out their stock but this was due to James cutting deals left, right and centre in an attempt to shift as much volume as possible.

Out of her depth - Lindsay Booth, image courtesy of the BBC

Roisin’s team lost. I was delighted when lackluster Lindsay was sent home before the boardroom debates had even begun. She had only managed to sell one candle worth £12 and admitted she was wrong for the show and should probably go back to swimming instructing. She effectively kicked herself off – a bizarre first in the history of The Apprentice.

Facing the final decision, James prepared with a quick workout to which Lord Sugar was interrupted from discussing sales figures and forced to ask what he was doing. But it was Nurun who was fired, as Lord Sugar believed she would not make the step up from market trading to running a large business.

In my opinion, James had a lucky escape. Incapable of closing his mouth for more than five seconds and adding ‘Lord Sugar’ to the end of every sentence, he needs to either revamp his attitude or kiss the opportunity goodbye.