Week Six saw further arguments and awkward scenarios as the teams once again had to create and sell a product of their making – in this case, a board game.

My favourite fool James Hill put himself forward as team Summit’s project manager in an attempt to reform his screwball image and show ‘what he’s all about’. GeoKnow was the name of the game, in which players had to pick a card with a country on it and describe it to their team in a visual or audio way. I thought it was a great idea – educational too – although anything would have been better than Team Tenacity’s.

Game over, Pamela! Image courtesy of the BBC

The Relationship Guru was an attempt at humour that failed in every way. Daniel Lassman came up with questions such as: “Which of these do men find most attractive: a nice smile, a nice personality or a nice hairstyle?” which received some priceless expressions from the research team at Toys R Us. There was obviously no real way to answer these questions, resulting in lazy gender stereotyping, and it was no surprise when Summit took the crown for most sales.

Daniel seems to enjoy the limelight, and makes a lot of theatrical facial expressions when things don’t go his way. It was funny at first but we have to remember this is a grown man. I thought he deserved to be fired, but Lord Sugar decided to get rid of project manager Pamela Uddin, who put up a good fight but pushed the idea for the dating game in the first place.

If you want a good laugh, you can actually play The Relationship Guru on the BBC website!