Certainly last week’s departure of petulant schoolboy James has dented the series’ comedy value. He would have been truly out of his depth in this episode’s buying task, adding some much needed humour. Equipped with £1,000 and a map of London, the candidates had one day to buy nine products, all of which had featured in tasks over the ten years, at the lowest possible prices.

Daniel Lassman took charge of team Summit, hoping to prove his worth (again). Daniel works in events, so you’d think I might have warmed to him. But his bullish temper has crowned him my least favourite contestant, and I was gutted when he escaped the boardroom for the fourth time. In team Tenacity, accountant Roisin Hogan used her charm – and looks – to haggle for a diamond. But Sanjay was a scatty PM and I was convinced the team would lose, as they failed to procure two of the items on Lord Sugar’s list.

Felipe Alviar-Baquero, image courtesy of the BBC

The real problem came when finding an anatomical skeleton. It was Felipe’s idea to buy a cheap, unassembled paper version, on the grounds that Lord Sugar hadn’t specified the criteria. ‘I’m a lawyer and it doesn’t say fully built,’ Felipe told Daniel. It should be mentioned that Daniel happily went along with this idea, believing the team would be praised for being smart. Summit would have actually won if Sugar hadn’t fined them for the skeleton. To say Mark and Katie went mad would be an understatement.

It was no surprise when Felipe was fired – but how many more chances can Lord Sugar give Daniel?