This week, the candidates were whipping up desserts to keep Alan Sugar sweet!

The teams were called to the Tate Britain, where Lord Sugar revealed this week’s tasty task: to create brand new range of premium puddings, then pitch them to the country’s major supermarkets. The team who came up with the largest number of orders would win.

Roisin Hogan and Katie Bulmer-Cooke’s food-oriented business plans landed them as project managers. Tenacity went for a tea-flavoured selection of cheesecakes, while Summit put a unique stamp on the traditional trifle.

As usual, things got messy. At a tasting session, Daniel claimed he knew nothing about tea and let Bianca do the talking. I thought the point of being a team player was to help your associates, whatever the situation. Oh well. He’ll be ripped to shreds by Sugar’s business buddies next week.

Katie finds herself in a sticky situation, image courtesy of the BBC

Both ideas were strong. I loved Tenacity’s idea of mixing cheesecake with herbal tea, and the packaging was beautiful. Summit’s trifle looked tasty, but the packaging was too tacky for the high-end market they were aiming at. As a result, Summit lost.

It was a tense boardroom scenario. Even though Mark lost his nerve in the pitch, I was still rooting for him. Over the series he’s been a calm and helpful team player (or maybe the others are so terrible they make him look like a star). He also gets points for finding Daniel as annoying as I do (well, nearly). Katie and Sanjay were fired as Lord Sugar did not have enough faith in their business plans. Katie’s would have had promise if it weren’t for the location (a healthy eating restaurant in… Sunderland?), and I still don’t understand Sanjay’s.