Last night saw the dreaded but incontrovertible episode of the series – the interviews.

Solomon was like an excitable child. Morrisons would not have given him a job, let alone Lord Sugar. Throughout the process, he seems to have taken nothing seriously, constantly grinning and sliding through tasks based on sheer luck. Sugar’s advisors tore him limb from limb, unconvinced by his business plan.

Daniel was also butchered. Sure, he gets on my nerves, but watching a grown man sweat and blush in front of the apathetic Claude Littner wasn’t easy. Daniel’s business plan – get this – was to create an online events database. Clients would choose a venue, seating plan, entertainment and props all at the touch of a button. Believe me when I say this wouldn’t work in a million years, but there is a constructive way to tell someone you’re not interested. As usual, Littner took the dramatics too far, and Daniel finished third in the process. To give him his due, he had calmed down over the series and developed a friendlier approach to business.

Worthy contender Roisin Hogan, image courtesy of the BBC

Stand-out contender Roisin Hogan – described by Sugar as ‘a very good candidate’, who had ‘sailed through the process’ was also fired. The advisors claimed they loved her personality, but her business plan let her down.

Bianca wants to sell tights. There’s not much more I can say about that, but for some reason, Sugar and his advisors went wild for the idea. After a lot of pacing and crying, Bianca got through to the final.

My favourite candidate Mark Wright will be her contender. To me, his strong business plan and unruffled manner make him the best candidate. He’s got this in the bag.

Next week sees the return of all the fired candidates, who will support the finalists during their last task. I’m more excited for the return of James than the result!

The series concludes on 23 December, BBC 1.