Today is Pancake Day – a perfect opportunity to test your culinary skills. Or for those of you like me who aren’t the most able of cooks, why not take a masterclass with Pretty Clever?

Our Culinary Masterclass is engaging for all ages. You’ll learn how to cook fine dining gourmet classics, guided by professional chefs. The group will be split into teams and their final dishes will be judged on quality. The class can be followed by a two course dining experience where you can enjoy the dishes you have created. Choose from different cultures: Indian, Japanese, British, Italian or Chocolatier (it’s a lifestyle choice for some)!

Our famous Barista Course is another favourite. The lab, located in an underground bank vault at Seven Dials, is equipped with freshly roasted speciality beans, La Marzocco espresso machines and a range of coffee equipment on which to start learning and honing your practical coffee making skills!

Or maybe you have a thirst for the finer stuff. Our cocktail masterclasses are especially popular in Brighton and London, but we can put on a show anywhere! Your class will include a welcome drink, tuition and everything you need to try your hand at making the best cocktails in town. We use premium spirits and teach you the art of cocktail making so you may go on to wow your friends and family for years to come with a little bit of history to help you show off. You’ll get to make drinks from the Mojito to the classic Collins.

For more information, we are only a phone call away. Enjoy your pancakes and remember, there’s no such thing as too much – it’s a special occasion!