Our simple but popular ‘Day in The Country’ is the perfect team build for those less competitive with a love for nature. The South Downs National Park is a large expanse of stunning bio diverse open countryside, spanning the whole of the South East of the UK. Enjoy a morning of activities followed by a healthy walk among the fields and nature trails.

Photo by Finn Hopson, www.brightonphotography.com

Stop along the way for beer or wine tasting! Learn about the history of alcohol and which drinks compliment which dishes. You can even forage for your own food! Our hedgerows and woodlands are full of edible treats. Learn which ones make a tasty salad, which ones flavour ice cream and which mushrooms grow where. All of the above would work especially well with overseas clients wishing to sample the real taste of Sussex.

If the group would prefer to take to the water, there are options for canoeing, paddle boarding, kayaking and even fishing!

Costs are available upon request, so give us a call or enquire here to find out more.