We’ve told you all about unusual venues but what about unusual toilets? For some venues, a good loo is their USP. So next time you’re in London, look out for giant mirrors, eggs, staggering heights and two-way glass!

Check out this one in Sketch. The design was based on dinosaur eggs (although I’m not sure what the ceiling is about). It’s weird but it works. Unfairly, this is a ladies loo. Men can only stare longingly at this photo.

Nopi, pronounced ‘No Pee’, this is the ideal place for self-reflection (ha, ha). There are mirrors on the walls, floor and ceiling, and mirrors inside mirrors! You might want to take a bread roll and leave a trail of breadcrumbs for next time – this is the toilet on Acid.

And then there’s my personal favourite: ‘Ting’ at The Shard. Taking a pee in the tallest building in Europe is a bucket-list must, right? Floor to ceiling glass makes this the best viewing point from a urinal! And the surprises don’t stop there. You can charge any device (iPhones, tablets, laptops, you name it) in any cubicle. Genius!

At your next event, don’t dismiss the toilets because you might just be in for a treat!