As event organisers, we know better than most that focus and energy are key contributors to a working day. If you feel like a zombie most mornings and can’t wake up throughout the day, the solution is close at hand. It’s called breakfast.

However studies have shown that many people don’t have time for breakfast (or don’t make time), but a good morning munch can really set you up for the day ahead. Here’s how…

Brain Power

Breakfast provides the brain with fuel after an overnight fast (that’s where it’s name originates – ‘breaking the fast’.) It also restores glucose levels, an important carbohydrate needed for the brain to function. It’s been scientifically proven that people who don’t eat breakfast suffer from memory loss and sluggishness, two pretty unhelpful traits in the boardroom.


Breakfast foods are good sources of nutrients such as calcium, iron and B vitamins, everything you need to manage a busy working lifestyle.

Weight Loss

Breakfast is good for the waistline! Research shows that those who eat breakfast are less likely to be overweight compared with breakfast skippers. Who knew that the secret to losing weight was to eat? So if you’re hoping to squeeze into that little black dress in time for the office Christmas party, it’s time to stock your cupboards with breakfast essentials!


How often have you realised that you get a lot more done first thing after breakfast than at any other time? This is because it gives you a long-lasting energy boost, ideal for those mid-morning conferences.

AND It Can Help You Network

Taking into account all the above points, we think there’s some real mileage in considering a breakfast meeting. Believe it or not, these are becoming increasingly more popular than lunch meetings. It’s not all about the caffeine hit (although we know this is crucial for many!) There’s also a growing trend for eating breakfast out of the home, and city eateries have taken this into account. Most hotels provide breakfast menus, and there are many London eateries open around the clock for you early commuters that can offer you much more than a slice of toast!

We get that it’s not always realistic to take time for yourself in the mornings (plus a lot of us don’t feel like eating at the crack of dawn), but try to grab something on the go. You can nibble at it on the train or, if you don’t feel like it right away, save it for when you get the munchies in an hour or so!