It happens. You’ve been partying for too long and suddenly have an unquenchable thirst for a drink, but the queue for the bar seems to stretch on for miles. If only there was a solution…

Well, now there is! Having been around for 10 years, overseas company Thirst Solutions is sharing its unique mobile vending solutions with the UK. Its wearable dispensing units are a quick and clever way to deliver beverages directly to a large audience and will save that endless queuing! We’re loving this idea at Head Office and can’t wait to integrate it into our own events.

The concept of the products is simple: the drinks are contained in a custom-designed backpack worn by the server and dispensed using a hand-operated hose, a bit like a bar tap. The packs can also be fully branded, allowing your company to improve its coverage.

Thirst Solutions isn’t just offering one model design but several, depending on the requirements of the event and the types of drink that need dispensing.

It’s also developed a range of portable food service products. These allow pre-packaged drinks and hot or cold food to be served and sold directly to guests, again using a concept that permits full company branding. We’re thinking this would work well at one of our Pretty Clever festivals!

Get in touch to book these servers for your own event. Brands they have previously worked for include Nescafe, Premier League, Coca Cola, Android and Aldi, and yours could be next!