With the remnants of All Hallow’s Eve in the air, what better time to discover a mysterious London venue to engage your wicked spirit? Everybody wants to be different but not many people dare to be different. Finding the right venue can transform your event from standard to sensational, and we know all the tricks (and treats) they have to offer.

What better way to scare the pants off your colleagues than to lock them in a secret room with no obvious way out? The ‘Escape Hunt Experience’ is a 90-minute thrill-ride that involves solving a Victorian style murder mystery in order to escape your impending doom. It’s taking place at a central London venue with limited availability for the rest of 2015, so if you have a date in mind, enquire now to avoid disappointment.

Not scary enough? No problem! How about a dinner in an old operating theatre? This has been described as one of London’s eeriest venues and isn’t for the faint hearted. Accessed by a small and rickety spiral staircase in a tower opposite St. Thomas’ Hospital, you’ll get a real taste of what life was like within these walls. Watch out for gruesome greetings by some of the patients who stayed here long, long ago…

Dinner at The Natural History Museum

Most London museums offer unusual event spaces and eclectic displays. Dine around a dinosaur or party among the stars, leaving your guests forever mesmerised. But there’s also something unsettling about museums after dark, don’t you think? Ever since Night At The Museum, we’ve all observed skeletons a little more closely… A London museum is the essential destination for the incurably curious.

This one really oversteps the yellow line – an abandoned tube station! There are 46 unused tube stations in London, and word has it that a major events company may just be about to offer this long forgotten network to corporate explorers… Watch this space.

Ten large air raid shelters were built in London during the Second World War, and one in Clapham North is now an events venue. The vast space remains exactly as it was back then, and is rumoured to be haunted by several ghosts! Ideal for unusual events and zombie apocalypse themed parties.

As you might have guessed, we love events that make an impact. The more wild, ambitious and unique yours is, the more memorable, attendable and tweetable it will be. Enquire here for your free proposal. We dare you!