This week’s Apprentice has taught us that anything can happen in the boardroom, and that high-flying egos always crash land in the face of Lord Sugar.

This week the candidates were tasked with selling high-end and mid-price properties across London, and with flats going for over £1.5 million, there was plenty of commission up for grabs.

Brett's expression says it all

It quickly became apparent that Scott was out of his depth. It was a watch-through-the-fingers job as he tried to promote the first property to a potential buyer, muddling the wardrobe with the washing machine, then the living room with the dining room. “The sun shines through these windows, throughout the day and the night,” he added, before the client bolted for the exit.

In Team Connexus, PM Richard and Varna finally managed to click, and together made a staggering five sales on flats that hadn’t even been built yet.

After Scott’s dire performance, it was no surprise when Team Versatile lost. In the boardroom, Lord Sugar labelled Selina as ‘volatile’ and fired her. Scott also made a dramatic exit when he chose to fire himself. I thought Lord Sugar might have commended him for his honesty, however he was more than happy to send Scott on his way and, smiling pleasantly, said that he had saved him a job. Scott later commented in the taxi, “Lord Sugar started his business by himself, so why do I need to go to him to get an investment?” Maybe because £250k is quite a useful start-up, plus with your shoddy selling methods you’re going to need all the help and tuition you can get?

So now we know exactly what the sun shines out of – day or night. Just like Sugar, Karren and Claude, I’m delighted Scott is gone and can only hope the same fate awaits scary Charleine next week. In an ideal world, hardworking plodder Gary would take the prize, but we’ve all learned by now that nobody likeable wins this show.