There are certain trends we are noticing when it comes to sourcing and securing venues for events…

Many clients are recognising that an original space is key. Many of them are keen to secure new and upcoming spaces that nobody has been to before, giving their event a truly innovative stamp. Many people regularly attend a variety of events within a chosen location and if you’ve seen a venue once, the second time some would argue that any initial impact will have been lost. It’s important then that our database includes a extensive selection of venues in all corners of the UK. We always have a few hidden gems that are soon to launch, other favorites are the refurbished venues.

People want choice. With this in mind, we present our clients with a wide range of venue options, giving them plenty to think about. We understand that new clients and first-time party organisers might not know exactly what they are looking for, and may need a steer in the right direction – that’s ok, we’re used to that – just look upon us as an extension of your knowledge. Some even send us Tweets with photos of the kind of event they have in mind. We like working with visionary clues!

For any client – agent or not, our proposals our transparent and clearly list details of the space, floor plans, costs, menus and even directions for each venue.

Booking; there are various different ways to book a venue. Nowadays, more and more events are being booked online with a few clicks of a mouse. Its not our preferred method, whilst it may sound like a time saver, this vague and faceless form of communication overlooks small details and misinterprets crucial information.

Events take planning, detailed project management is key; from the initial stages of an enquiry to the execution of an event, the end result, the final de-rig and final event debrief. Every step is important and we will be with our clients every step of the way.

I think it’s fair to say some of today’s booking trends should be followed and others should not. Consider the type of event you are putting on, what message you need to give and what you would like to see and feel when you arrive at your chosen venue.  Be clear about your expectations at the outset, communicate with your event manager and be confident that the venues need your business and need to work with you as the client in order for you to accomplish a successful event. Your event should be personal to you. Work together and be clear – it’s a no brainer.