It’s time to glam up in your shorts and tasselled sandals and thread feathers through your hair. Oh, and don’t forget your selfie stick for those all-important group pics! You’ve guessed it, it’s festival season!

You don’t need to pay an extortionate entry fee to attend a great festival this summer. Now you can create your own! First we’ll find you the perfect location to replicate that gorgeous Glastonbury atmosphere. There’s really no need to travel far. Share the party with another company or have the space to yourself – we have options to suit all budgets.

If you’ve got a bit more to spend, why not splash out on some beautiful marquees, bell tents or tepees? We turn bog standard camping into five-star glamping and ensure that your event is truly unforgettable. Generators, staging, lights, projectors, decks and mixers are also available to create a really authentic effect. We have furniture too, from wooden benches and hay bales through to more formal seating and even a VIP zone! Festivals can be themed or branded with corporate logos, always a nice touch to office events. This isn’t your usual, littered scream-fest – with Pretty Clever, you’ll party in style.

Okay, so we can’t give you Kayne West and Justin Bieber (actually that might be for the best), but we do have a range of fantastic local bands who have performed at gigs all over the UK. And if that’s not enough, we can throw in DJs, circus performers, dancers and even snake charmers to stir up the fun!

If your budget is a little lower his year, worry not. We have plenty more summer party options and prime dates still available throughout June, July and August. We’re bound to have something that will tick all your boxes.

Our summer events defy all conventions, giving you and your group long-lasting memories to cherish – and LOL at – for years to come! Check out photos from our latest festival here, or get in touch for more information.