The standard conference is officially a thing of the past. Well, at least it is at Pretty Clever. We believe each function should be followed by something fun, active and memorable. That’s why we give our delegates the option to add on what’s known as an ‘icebreaker’.

What’s an icebreaker?

Icebreakers happen before or after a conference. If planned and executed well, they can help delegates get to know each other, meet facilitators and learn more about the goals of the conference.

Is that a metaphor for something?

Yes! If you bring like-minded people together, ‘the ice’ represents the fact that people haven’t met yet. If you bring together delegates and speakers, ‘the ice’ represents the question: ‘Why should I listen to you?’

Got it? Good. Let’s take a look at a few we made earlier…

Pretty Clever icebreakers

From boomwhacking to Bollywood dancing, we really do have something for everyone. No skill is required take part – it’s all about fun, and our Beatbox Energiser is the very definition of the word. Enter the awesome world of Hip Hop by learning the art of vocal percussion. Our award-winning musician will start by demonstrating his sensational sound effects and hypnotic drumbeats and then it’s over to you! You’ll learn how to create a solid groove foundation, then layer on sound effects and rhythms. Finish by presenting your performance to the group (belly laughs guaranteed)!

Laughter Workshop

Speaking of giggles, our Laughter Workshop is one of our most popular icebreakers. Start with a Laughter Gym Session incorporating Laughter Yoga (yes, that’s a thing), great for the abs, the mind and of course the soul. Our instructors will cover a range of techniques to evoke laughter, humour and positive intention.

Voted the most influential dance routine of all times, Michael Jackson’s Thriller now takes the form of a unique icebreaker. Our professional West End dancers will teach you the choreography, how to swing your hips, jerk your head and make creepy killer claws, all with a touch of ghoulish face paint and authentic graveyard props!

Boomwhacker Energiser

Our Bollywood Energiser is equally physical and explores a widely celebrated culture. The must-have props and costumes will ensure that everyone feels transported to India! And that’s not all we have in store for culture fanatics. Our Boomwhacker Energiser is a truly unique way to let loose and is run by Mark Walker, a former drummer in West End’s The Lion King. Mark and his team will teach you the art of samba drumming, then get bonkers with boomwhackers: brightly coloured plastic percussion tubes that create all kinds of funky sounds.

If you think an icebreaker would make the perfect addition to your conference, we’re only a phone call away. All of our icebreakers work well at conferences, parties and Gala dinners, and don’t worry about group numbers – in this case, bigger is better!