It may be running late (six years after the original to be precise), but it looks like the wait was worth it. Tim Burton’s Alice Through The Looking Glass hits UK cinemas today, and we can’t wait to see what all the hype is about!

Years removed from her first adventure in Wonderland, Alice is now a sea captain who has travelled the globe only to find herself in jeopardy of losing her home and vessel upon her return to London. Luckily caterpillar-turned-butterfly Absolem (voiced by the late Alan Rickman) turns up to whisk her away through a Looking Glass (very underrated form of public transport), back to the magical realm where Johnny Depp has hypnotic eyes and Helena Bonham Carter takes orders from no one.

Not such a far cry from reality.

Whether you’re Team Hatter or Team Red Queen, our Alice in Wonderland themed party caters for both sides of the chessboard. We don’t know why a raven is like a writing desk, but we do know how to put on a show. Guests will be greeted by a giant Absolem on a mushroom smoking a hookah. Our Mad Hatter compere will show you to your table, where your food will await under ‘eat me’ and ‘drink me’ labels. Forest backdrops, oversized playing cards and a chessboard dancefloor are just some of the magical props we can provide. If your budget fits we can even dress the event staff as packs of cards! This psychedelic soiree is guaranteed to make everyone feel like a child again.

Let us know what you thought of Through The Looking Glass in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you! If you’re interested in throwing your own Alice-themed extravaganza, you can submit your enquiry here. Perfect for adult and children’s parties!