I can’t believe I’m even writing the word ‘autumn’, but the year’s flying by and soon crisp evenings, roadside leaves, Jack o’lanterns and blackberry picking will all be things of the norm.

August is the time to get your autumn conference enquiries in. Makes sense to sort it now and enjoy a hassle-free event later, right? If you’re a regular conference attendee, you probably have your own list of tried-and-true tactics for organising meetings. (If so, we’d love to hear in the comments.) But if you’re a rookie – and that’s okay, most people are – don’t panic, that’s what we’re here for…

A conference starting to fill up. Hard work finally coming together!

At Pretty Clever, preparation is our favourite word. We guarantee there will be no time to stop and pause once you arrive at your conference, so we’ll need to plan everything in advance, from the seating plan to the number of mics you require. Those little details make all the difference!

Once you have a location in mind, we’ll get our thinking caps on to find you the perfect venue. Choose from our list of goodies, then we’ll familiarise you with the venue so you can get a feel for the space. This is also your chance to ask any questions and remember, no request is too ridiculous! We’ve seen it all.

If you really want to think outside the box, we organise icebreakers to loosen everyone up before or after a conference. Icebreakers help delegates get to know each other, meet facilitators and learn more about the goals of the conference. From boomwhacking to Bollywood dancing, we have something for everyone!

There’s no better place than a conference to take stock of the state of your industry and your profession. Take time to prepare, set clear learning objectives, arm yourself with business cards and most importantly, have fun!

You can submit your conference enquiry or any other request here.