You might not know this, but here at Pretty Clever Towers we have another couple of companies, one of which runs wedding events and planning. Staying at the forefront of event planning, we’ve got a corking launch event coming up in July 2010

Pamper Me is a completely new type of bridal fair event, set to make the wedding fair experience a whole lot sexier! The first event launches at the Thistle Hotel Brighton on 15 July 2010 – far away from any other competitors’ wedding fairs in the year’s calendar and it will be an evening event – also a new concept. It’s a completely different format to other wedding fairs, a more sensual experience, with more interaction between exhibitors and visitors.

We reckon wedding fairs are really for the brides, their friends and of course the mother of the bride, whereas fellas would probably rather be watching the Grand Prix than choosing stationery or cakes on a Sunday, which is when wedding fairs usually are. Therefore, it’s aimed very much at the female market because we reckon they probably tend to make the wedding decisions anyway!

We’re encouraging exhibitors to really showcase what they do and offer a chance for our visiting brides, friends and mothers to touch, feel, try and test all the options on offer. Exhibiting cost are a real deal because we’re encouraging our exhibitors to offer the guests something in return. So to help generate great added value for our brides we have brought the cost of exhibiting right down to only £75 plus VAT. But in return we really want to see giveaways or special offers, samples, great stuff for the goody bags etc

There’s also a new concept for the fashion show, which instead of having a catwalk structure which we think can sometimes go on a bit, or can be alienating, we’re going to offer a 50s style eye-level red carpet showcase, which means the girls can look at the outfits at close quarters

“We have offered the more traditional wedding fair set up over the last couple of years,” explains Sam Harrington-Lowe, one of the founding directors of Marry Me!, “but we found that the market was becoming swamped. Not only with other wedding fair companies running events, but venues hosting their own too, all jostling to try and find a free Sunday to open on, and they were all in Spring or Autumn. So we decided to buck the trend and lead with something completely new. It’s been a great idea, we have had a fabulous response and plan to roll out more events like this over the coming months.”

We have a glass of bubbly for everyone on arrival, and a lovely goody bag to take away. All enquiries to