We have had such a great week, I love creating new themes and I have to say that the Startrek Themed event we produced this week was a huge success! The evening started with the 400 guests from a Medical Association being greeted by our very own identical Captain Jean-Luc Picard (see picture) and a giant Klingon that really was fascinated by the earthlings present! It was our job to make sure that there was entertainment taking place at all times – brief being that the entertainment was both Space and StarTrek themed.

Our cyber sprite stilt walker and ground zens were a source of constant amazement slinkily moving amid the guests, our contortionist was remarkable pulling moves that I thought were beyond the realms of human possibility!  We had a dance off between the Klingons and the Star Trek crew which worked very well and our silver contact jugglers were mesmerising!

To top the evening off there was an outstanding band performing tracks ranging from the original Star Trek theme to Elton Johns infamous ‘Rocket Man’. Honestly, this theme was brilliant – the guests loved it, we loved it, our performers loved it, it had an interesting twist and was a party I would love to do again!