A new year is a time to reflect on things past and embrace the future with many of us setting ourselves New Years Resolutions – if we’re all honest with ourselves though I guess it would be debatable as to how many of the resolutions we set we actually achieve. I think half the problem is that in general we tend to set ourselves goals that are too far away, or unobtainable. So this year, on both a personal and business level, I’ve decided to be a little more realistic whilst still stretching some boundaries. I think if you’re in it for the long haul it’s about taking lots of little steps in order to reach your bigger dreams.

Here at Pretty Clever we’ve put our heads together and had a good look at ourselves, what we’ve achieved and where we want to be in the future. Our goals for this year start here…

  1. FAM Trips – We love what we do and want to tell you all about it so this year we’re going to organise at least to familiarisations trips to two of our much-loved cities. If you know anyone that organises events for a company that might benefit from our wealth of knowledge tell them to contact us!
  2. Team Building – we’re good at what we do but believe everyone can be better, that includes us. We are constantly tweaking our events with improvements but this year we aim to introduce at least TEN stimulating new interactive team building options.
  3. Suppliers – we believe our success is not only down to our own abilities but our suppliers to. We vet our suppliers carefully which means that our clients get an approved, quality product and delivery. This year we will continue to seek out the crème de la crème of performers, acts, entertainers and musicians and will strive to present you with lots of new innovate and whacky ideas.
  4. Its all about the conference – We are so excited about the new conference section on our website and having successfully managed a number of conferences now for our clients we wanted to make sure you’re all aware of what we do and how well we do it.  If you need a conference organiser or some conference support you’ve come to the right place. We can help you with anything from finding a venue (for free) to team building, parties, AV and production, full conference management and leisure itineraries, IT and website hosting, design and print, delegate management and co-ordination, staffing and logistics.  Now we just have to tell the world!
  5. VAT increase – In true British style – onwards and upwards. We’re just NOT going to let it get us down!
  6. Themes – We had a stupendous party season and hosted, managed and themed some mega events across the country. This year I’m already cooking up some fab new themed ideas, our prop store is ever growing. By the time we get around to the 2011 party season we will have at the very least 1o new party options for you to get excited about!
  7. To think about the environment – We’re keen to develop new greener products and take a leap into the world of Green Events. This is serious and we want to make a difference and be a part of it.
  8. The Phones! – We’ve just had an all singing all dancing phone system put in and we all want to learn how to use it properly!
  9. Grow Pretty Clever – Over the latter months of 2010 the Pretty Clever Events brand developed and launched in Bristol, Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield, London, and Norwich. We want to help our teams around the UK fly the PC flag and develop the brand further.
  10. Not-For-Profit – The not-for-profit sector faces daily challenges and we aim to keep up to date with these and offer support where we can. Already being a preferred supplier for some not-for-profit organisations we aim to develop these relationships further.