We think your Christmas party should be all about using your imagination and getting out of your comfort zone, even if its just a little bit! These are the next 5 themes we think are going to be a hit this Christmas:

80’s Après Ski

Ok, maybe I’ve just spent too much time on the slopes but this theme is so much fun! Upon arrival your guests need to present their ski pass and make their way through the magical snowy forest to the ski lodge. Its everything you would imagine; racks of snowboards and skis, warm fires, snowflake gobo projections, sleighs, gluwein, log benches and giant animal props. We like the idea of snowballs, B52’s, raclettes, fondues and chocolate fountains for toward away those hunger pangs. And as for the after dinner entertainment, well it could incorporate anything from an Alpine ski simulator to thigh slapping and yodelling!

Wizard of Oz or Wicked

Have you got a magical quality that you haven’t recognised yet, a sparkly pair of Dorothy shoes that you are desperate to wear or maybe you see your self as the Tin man or Glinda, the good witch of the East? This event is all about the surreal – mixing the good and the evil. Your guests will take a mysterious journey down the yellow brick road and simplicity is what the table design is all about (wicker picnic baskets and adorable miniature red apple trees is just the start!) This event can be interactive and plays on what the main characters were looking for; Scarecrows brain, the Lions courage and the Tin man’s heart. Vibrant, colourful and fun is everything this event is and more.


This 1920’s prohibition theme is another humdinger of an event. It’s simple yet stylish and lends itself well to be a lavish themed event extravaganza. It gives the perfect excuse for the ladies to don their pearl necklaces and flapper gowns and for the men to dust off their waistcoats and strap on their braces to prepare for a night of illegal drinking! Our fabulous flapper girls greet the guests with moonshine drinks in vintage ornate teacups amidst abandoned barrels. The giant props, New York Skyline, low smoky effect, atmospheric lighting, and the 1920’s live Jazz definitely get your guests in the mood.

Ho! Ho! Hoedown!

If you enjoy a good ol ‘knees up’ then this will tick your box in every sense of the word! Guests enter this Wild West themed event through swing doors and straight into the saloon which is adorned with red white and blue bunting, hay bales, wanted posters, flags and barrels. Catering can be buffet styley or seated table with benches and a whole lot of gingham going on! Ole Snakeskin Butch will compare the evening, the line dancing, lasso lessons and our infamous Can-Can girls whilst you take in your surroundings (think giant tequila bottle, western revolvers and Pioneer wagons and that’s just to start with!) Don’t just go for the soft touch with the dancing, we have bucking broncos or let’s see who’s the crack shot with the Texan shoot out. But listen here Cowboys and Cowgirls, be sure not to take a step out of line or else you’ll end up in our very own jail, who knows you may even be witness to a shoot out!


We think gothic can be opulent and extravagant, with rich fabrics and subdued lighting. Guests will arrive through the aged iron gates, through the animal rib cage entrance and past the spying gargoyles – it’s dimly lit and eery with flames flickering in the background.  Chairs are dressed in black with heavy velvet sashes, on the tables stand stunning ivy clad candelabras and a mouth watering banquet is served by our very own demonic characters. Cobwebs, giant tombstones, coffins and bubbling cauldrons frame the room and a black and white dance floor is illuminated by our own devil DJ. This theme is definitely different and deadly delicious.