So earlier this week I was talking about the importance of team work and how it’s a life skill that should be incorporated into the workplace, home and friendships – I hope you all found it just a little bit interesting. My promise was to then expand, and I guess make it all relevant. How can we develop our team work skills? How can we use team work to our advantage? And how can we make it fun focused and not a chore? After all it is supposed to be fun!

For a cohesive team you need to be able to work together, life’s tough and the constant challenges and demands need decisions to be made in order for us to progress. A team needs to work together effectively, its no different to a marriage really. Good communication and negotiation skills will help with a smoother journey and mean that teams (and couples) will be more content and happier as they won’t be fighting, frustrated and unhappy.

Asking the right Questions, what are you trying to achieve?

Do you want your teams to develop any particular skills such as communication, negotiation,

– Do you just want to boost morale?

– Do you want to integrate and introduce different team members and groups?

– Does the day need to be formal and structures or informal and fun?

– Do you wish for the event to be competitive?

– Does the event need to be creative and experiential?

– Is there a particular message you need to deliver?

– Does the event need to be cerebral, physical or both?

So, once you have answered the above questions the next area to look at team building events we have on offer and how they might work for your company and get the best out of your teams!

  • Fun with the experts – this covers everything from a Circus skills workshop to a wine tasting, a cocktail master class to a chocolate workshop.
  • Creative and Culinary – How about creating your own fashion show with our couture challenge where  passion and Prada collide, ‘A work of art’ where teams must produce a huge picture, made from multiple ‘mini canvasses’, each hand-painted by individual team members or our bespoke canapé challenge where your teams get the chance to be creative and use there Master chef skills!
  • Icebreakers – which incorporates our infamous laughter workshop to really energise your team to ‘bonkers with boom whackers’ which can see up to 1000 delegates tunefully making music with tubes.
  • Treasure Hunts – we have developed some great ones that fit lots of different themes. Hot of the press at the moment, and proving very popular, is our Olympic themed Treasure Hunt but if you want to discover more take a look at our treasure hunts. These are all really good value for money, especially in a climate when things are a little tough out there and everyone is tightening their purse strings.

You will never be done practicing the essential relationship skills you will develop during these events. There’s always more to learn from each other. That’s one of the great joys of a long-term committed relationship. It’s also one of its challenges.