It’s no wonder clients flock from far and wide to ‘be beside the seaside’ – Brighton has something for everybody.

So now the West Pier has given up the ghost. Who’d have thought it? Torrential rain and high-powered winds battered its left half this week, leaving the structure hanging in the balance. The pier first opened in 1866, boasting an impressive theatre and concert hall. It stands opposite The Hilton Metropole Hotel and others along the prom, all with beautiful sea views and restaurant facilities.

Another, more recent, Brighton event was the staging of the Eurovision Song Contest (1974). Who could forget when ABBA’s ‘Waterloo’ won the title for Sweden? It was the song of the streets for weeks to come, as you 70’s kids will painfully remember. It also featured in the end credits of Mamma Mia. Only Julie Walters could get away with that sparkly flared jumpsuit… Stay tuned for the 2014 Eurovision in Copenhagen, Denmark!

Many of Pretty Clever’s team building exercises are based on Brighton’s colourful history. Our latest GPS technology will take you on a tour of the city with plenty of surprises along the way!

It’s tacky, it’s trippy, it’s hippie, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Highly recommended for both conferences and summer parties, Brighton can accommodate large or intimate groups.