February 14th can mean one of two things. Many have embraced Cupid’s arrows but for others it’s a night to wallow over a tub of Ben and Jerry’s and Bridget Jones’ Diary. The noughties chic-flick certainly warmed my heart this year and taught me that no man could be more irritating than Hugh Grant.

Whether you’re the gooey Hallmark type or stiff upper lip, Valentine’s Day is stressful. No matter how hard you try you can never avoid the overpriced flowers, endless choice of cards and the pressure of buying a gift you think might be repetitive or too ‘out there’… How should I know what jewellery he likes? Will that make her look fat? Is he finally going to propose?

Lucky for you, we can take the stress off your hands. Whilst pink and perfect event planning is something we’re good at here at Pretty Clever, we like to think we’re much more ‘edgy’ than that! We expect lots of you are done with Hugh Grant and would prefer a mischievous Dark Victoriana night or a Seven Deadly Sins themed event – are we right?!

City venues and attractions are going all out to make clients feel loved. This year, London will be home to many special events including one of the finest showcases of culture: The Chinese Dream Ball on the 9th September. Guests will learn how to engage with the second biggest economy on Earth and see that China is indeed open for business! This is fantastic opportunity for entrepreneurs to network.

Pretty Clever will keep you up to date with special events and provide you with everything you need for a great party – cross our hearts and hope to die!

We hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s Day, and if you weren’t left with a smug smile don’t worry, there’s always next year!