What do YOU think of when you hear the words ‘World Cup’? The beautiful game? Camaraderie? History in the making? Topless men? Not for us – we’re thinking events opportunities! Here at Pretty Clever, we can create the perfect sports themed event just for you. Keep your eye on the ball with diary entries that will follow!

England won the eighth staging of the FIFA World Cup in 1966, beating Germany 4-2 in the final. It was a victory that went down in British history and is still the pub talk of today. The big question is who will win this year? Have you placed any bets? Are you part of a fantasy premier league or got your own office league going? Nothing like creating a bit of competitive banter!

Pretty Clever has had more successful themed events and corporate hospitality extravaganzas than Beckham has goals. For us, it’s as much about the party as it is the footie. With the World Cup taking place in Brazil, Carnival has to be the way forward!

This could tie in nicely with a summer event or corporate dinner. We’ll present you with a range of carnival themed decorations, dancers, bands and entertainment. We can also provide screens and fine food to soak up the beer.

Not a football fan but still like to party like a Brit? Check out our Best of BritishJames Bond and Seaside Rendezvous themes. All come with classic British games: Coconut Shy, Hook a Duck and Whack a Rat to name a few.

This is the perfect opportunity to get your team up and out of the office. You might discover a talent or interest you never thought you had. One nil to Pretty Clever! The ball’s in your court now…